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The “Raku-tei” Iwakura

 A rock, or rockery, where gods are believed to dwell. In Japan, nature has been worshipped since ancient times, and gods were believed to dwell in mountains, trees, and stones. The stone on which the deity descended was considered sacred and became an object of worship. There are many rock formations in the Izumo region.

 In Izumo-style gardens, a large standing stone is always placed in the direction of the southwest back gate. It is the only standing stone in the garden. It is often so huge that it looks unusually large for the area of the garden, and sometimes weighs 2 to 3 or even 10 tons.

 The megalithic standing stones are thought of as large mountains symbolizing nature or magnificent waterfalls. However, it is imagined that the demand for an unusual size may have been due to an awareness of the existence of a rock-like structure.

The “Raku-tei” A standing stone is set up at the rock formation where the gods are believed to reside.