Our customers


Sushi-ya no Taisho

 I have always wanted to convey the appeal of sushi more. So, we placed a “raku-tei” where customers can see it from the counter. I was delighted to hear from customers that the presence of a Japanese garden makes both sushi and sake go down a treat.

Condo owner

 Taking the opportunity of the remodeling work, we decided to change the image of the dull interior and placed “Raku-tei” in the corner of the living room. Since then, I have been enjoying the calm and elegant atmosphere of a Japanese garden. It is especially popular among my friends, and I am a little proud of it.

Tea ceremony teacher

 We set up the “raku-tei” during outdoor or community center event tea ceremonies. It is now indispensable because it alone can create an atmosphere of chanoyu all at once. It is also very useful in conveying the etiquette and history of the tea ceremony.


At a tea ceremony

At the entrance of my home

In the reception room

In the hotel lobby