Tsuijimatsu pine tree stands out in the Izumo countryside

There are many rice paddies in Izumo, and rice planting begins simultaneously in May. The surface of the water-filled rice paddies reflects the scenery in the distance, creating a beautiful scene. The tall hedge in front is a hedge of black pine trees called tsuijimatsu, which can be found only in Izumo in Japan. It is over 10 meters high. In the past, this area was prone to flooding. The houses were protected from the floods by building banks of earth around them. Trees were planted to strengthen the banks so that they would not collapse easily. Even today, when flood control has progressed and flooding no longer occurs, the spirit of compassion of the Izumo people, who cherish the tuijimatsu pine trees that have been passed down from their ancestors, has preserved this landscape.

Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Taken in the evening of May 9, 2024